What does estate grown mean?
To be considered estate grown, 100% of the wine must be made from grapes grown by the winery itself, no middleman!

Are your vineyards sustainable?
We are currently working on getting certified but have been farming sustainably for generations.

Do your wines contain sulfites?
Yes, sulfites are a natural byproduct of fermentation! However we do not add sulfites.

Do your wines contain sugar?
All of our wines are made dry, which means they contain zero grams of sugar.

Do all the grapes from Largo Ridge go into LRW?
Actually only a small percentage of grapes are selected for our small batch wines. The majority of the grapes grown at Largo Ridge are sold to other reputable wineries. 

Where can we find LRW besides your website?
We are mostly available for shipping direct to you. Being a small batch winery means we need to reserve enough wine to support our Club LRW members and direct to consumer network. However we try to always be featured in a select few stores/bars/restaurants that fit our vibe!

Find LRW Here


Do you have a tasting room?
No, we do not have a tasting room that is open to the public but we have an event space that we open up to the public for pop-up and Club LRW events.

Where is your event space?
Our event space is at 2760 Ruddick Cunningham Rd. in Ukiah. It's in our family’s out of commission pear packing shed where we packed our Bartlett and Bosc pears from 1974-2012. Right now the parking shed is used to store farm equipment and it's where we do everything LRW - we have a storage room where we store our wine, pack shipments and it's were our infamous neon sign lives. The packing shed is not your typical winery experience, it's rustic and industrial and we have big plans for it!

Are your events open to the public?
Yes! All of the events that we advertise are open to the public. 


What does shipping cost?
We have flat rate shipping of $15 for 1-6 bottles and $25 for 7+ bottles.

When will I get my order?
Shipping times typically range from 2-5 business days. All orders placed on Thursday-Sunday will be shipped out on Monday in order to avoid your wine sitting in a shipping warehouse all weekend.

Will the weather effect my order?
Orders placed during extreme heat conditions will be packed carefully to insure that your wine is insulated properly and shipping time may be delayed by a few days. 


How does Local pick-up work?
Since we are open by appointment only we will arrange a time for you to pick up your wine at our event space located at 2760 Ruddick Cunningham. Contact us at to make arrangements!


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