Rachel & Sami Ruddick grew up in small town Ukiah, CA where the Ruddick family has been farming pears and wine grapes for hundreds of years.

Knowing they wanted to have a place in the family legacy, (but not yet knowing what that would look like) Rachel got her BA in graphic design and Sami studied ag business, viticulture, and winemaking. Little did they know the two very different routes would lead them to LRW. Besides the winemaking, which is a collaborative effort, Sami manages operations and sales while Rachel handles all things creative.

The sisters' plan was to create a wine brand that was relatable, approachable, and fun. “We realized one night that we didn’t relate to any of our favorite wines and we didn’t feel a connection to the people making them. We love craft products; cocktails, coffee, beer, you name it... there is such an experience there that we had never felt in a wine”. With that in mind, the sisters knew that they wanted to create wines that feel authentic and exciting. Like, the way you feel when you hear your favorite song or look at happy memory in a photograph (enter, the polaroid label).