In 2016 we were just a pair of ambitious 20-something sisters from a farming family, we took a leap of faith, armed with some leftover grapes from harvest and a clear goal in mind: create wines we want to drink – light, fruit-forward, and no crazy sugar hangover. 

Our mission has been to make LRW a go-to wine for all occasions, whether you’re hanging out on a casual weeknight, popping the cork for a special celebration, or having a laid-back BBQ with family and friends. We want LRW to be your drink of choice for creating unforgettable moments, inspired by the power of nostalgia. LRW is all about those vibes that meld together – scents, sounds, tastes, and images – creating memories that last forever.


We grew up in smalltown Ukiah, CA, where our family has been farming for 5 generations.  In 1916 our great grandparents purchased Largo Ridge in an attempt to grow our horizons in farming. Over the past 100+ years we have continued to expand and develop Largo Ridge Vineyards into what it is today. The ranch is currently farmed and maintained by Sami, our dad Randy, and our grandfather Dick. Our farming style, much like our winemaking, is minimal intervention. 


The quality of our wines truly come from the vineyard and that is something we are the most proud of. We hand pick our grapes from our family’s picturesque estate, Largo Ridge Vineyards, located between Hopland and Ukiah, California. Our Chardonnay grows on deep loamy soil deposited by the Russian River, while our Cabernet and Zinfandel grow in fractured rock soils on the elevated hillsides of Largo Ridge.