good wines don't have to be so serious.

our wines are meant to inspire you to live your best life, because YOLO. drink us on the patio, at the beach, or on your couch pretending you're at the beach, drink us in the shower out of a plastic cup - we don't judge! so please, drink up and don't worry about what you should taste or how you should act because that bottle of LRW will be there through thick and thin saying,  "you're doing great sweetie!"

Our story

Largo Ridge


The picturesque Largo Ridge Vineyards is located between Hopland & Ukiah, California and has been farmed by our family for 5 generations. Our chardonnay grows on deep loamy soil deposited by the Russian River, while our cabernet and zinfandel grow in fractured rock soils on the elevated hillsides of Largo Ridge.

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